Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Shot in the Arm

My BFF mentioned that maybe Killian could get radiation in Kingston (only 30 miles away). I checked out a facility affiliated with Vassar there, but they initially said they didn’t treat children. I pushed—only had to a little—and Dr. Tapen agreed to treat Killian. She fit him in today, did the simulation today, and will do the first treatment tomorrow on Killian’s arm. She’ll do a fairly high dose, so there only needs to be a total of five treatments. All in all…a good day I’d say.

Tomorrow, after treatment, Killian will head into the recording studio with Ralph to sing on the only song not finished. The aim is to have all mixes finalized and sent for mastering by early next week. Soooooo close. After studio work, I drive Killian to NYC for the consult about a possible nerve block. I will drive happily, knowing that I don’t have to do that two-hour drive every day for three weeks. The hope with the nerve block and the radiation is that Killian will be able to play ukulele again. He’s out of commission right now. However, Killian will still give his Saturday morning lesson to the Ladies Who Uke. This week, we work on Fools Rush In and Goodnight Irene. He told me OOOO Child is too hard for me yet. "Yet," he said.


Ashokan1 said...

You're in our thoughts every day.
Love, Jim and Sharon

Vikki said...

It must be a relief to be able to go to Kingston rather than drive into the city daily. We think of you with much love all the time.
Vikki & Bruce