Monday, November 10, 2008

Unwarp Successful

The Head/Neck folk came in this morning and undid Killian's compression bandage. He was scared, as were his dad and I. However, all went well with taking the pressure off the wound. The hole in his neck is sealed with necrotic tumor tissue and his bleeding appears to be stabilzed. The bleeding from the tumor base in his mouth is also stablized. He's roaming about the hospital now, looking for an escape route. I hidden his shoes, just in case he finds one.


Anonymous said...

Success is good! Happy to hear from you guys yesterday! Our Love to you all and I have a feeling that you might be hearing from some Camp folks very soon!
Matty Cook

G. DiDomizio said...

Killian, boss!

Just read through the blog. Honestly did a little tearing up and a little giggling: Your life's got it all, man. I also did a lot of yelling, but that's because the internet service here in Africa is less than ideal. Yes friend, I'm currently in Uganda, doing a little studying, a little volunteering at clinics, and a lot of acting like a confused, impatient American. Anyway, know that I'm thinking of you and your fam from a whole bunch of miles away. Let me know if you'd like a carved wooden hippo or something.

Throwing lots of Love and Admiration your way,


Sister said...
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Cora Weed said...


I agree with Galen. I definately cracked a smile, picturing you wandering around the hospital, secretly looking for an escape route. So YOU.

You and your family have loads and loads of adoring fans Killian, please know that we're ALL thinking of you and sending love your way. You are a serious powerhouse dude, and someone I admire a whole heck of a lot. Camp is pretty quiet right now, without you and hundreds of other nutty camper running around.... we miss you!! All the best Killian...

with love,

klm said...

Hi Killian!

It's Adventure Katy. Remember - when you rocked the climbing wall?! Cause I do :)

Just wanted to let you know I'm thinking of you and your family and sending so much love and happiness your way.


Eric said...


Whats up brotha? Happy to hear things are taking a turn for the better. We're all pulling for you. Get well soon.

Eric Wallach

supernatural said...


I can only echo Galen's comments. When having you in our cabin in 06', i Knew you were living an amazing life because you cannot expect less from someone so wacky :D

OH!!...Did you know that your sister was in purple with me this does your mom not go crazy with two extremely colorful kids?! LOL...

Anyway, I have to go, but I'm thinking about ya and sending a bunch of love.

P.S.- If you find an escape route, just tie bags around your feet and book it :P

Anonymous said...


this is Steve Samuels, the best counsler from last summer!!( don't tell Brian....)

get better and let me know if/when you can have visitors.

Anna said...

They expect HUMANS to eat that? Don't even touch it!
Thanks for keeping us all updated, Babs! Our hearts are full of you!!!
Call anytime!
Love, Anna and Co,

Tim said...


First of all, I see that green mush in the hospital all the time, stay away from it. It's good too hear that things are looking up. I hope you are able to get a little uke playing in when you can. I actually drove past the floating driving range by my house last week and thought of cracking balls out into the lake and carrying on. You've got so much talent, it's a joy to see. Be well and know you've got an army of love behind you.

Much love,


John Bonitz said...


So glad to hear things are looking up, bro. I hope you get to playin some good tunes real soon.

The moon is almost full -- will be Thursday. Maybe by then you'll find that escape route and bust-out by moonlight.

Much love,

Uncle John

Ali said...

Hey Killian! It's Ali, don't tell steve but we know it was ME that was the best counselor of 08! I'm in nursing school so I can totally empathize with the nastiness of the food they serve... stay far far away from that junk! I was just thinking about you took the cake for spreading the most love around camp (how many hugs did you give that week??). I miss that kind of open and unquestioning love in the real world.
Keep spreading your love and fantastic attitude... and here's a virtual hug from me to you!

Much Love, Ali

Mia said...

Killian, I can't believe you told your doctor, "you HAVE to open your mind to other kinds of medicine, man!"that takes guts you are such a strong man. Keep telling those doctors! Cally, hey girl! Miss you both. Glad to know your keeping it real. Big time love, Mia