Monday, January 26, 2009

Deviant Octobpus

The first thing Killian asked me when he woke this morning was, "what's the definition of 'deviant?" I told him a, "a pervert," but then remembered that it's also someone who goes outside the accepted norm of behavior. Later in the morning, when he was waiting for radiation, he drew this squid (see sidebar), with a smoking cigarette in each tentacle. I asked him why the squid was smoking. He said, "it helps him get around." "Like a social crutch?" I asked, "Or, do you mean locomotively get around?" "I don't know... Social crutch I guess." Our conversations have often been about rebellion, or being an outsider these days. I'm so old now, though. It can't be any fun to have these discussions with me. Thank the stars we'll see a real, live teenager tonight. Max and his mom are taking us out for a yay-radiation-is-over dinner. Tomorrow is the last day. Hot diggety dog!

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Carol Maltby said...

Killian might be interested in seeing these awesomely deviant octopuses: