Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Tooth Will Out

Youch! Sorry to post such a bad pun, but I'm slightly giddy and puns slip out when I'm gay. Yes, gay. Merry, bright as a daisy, and happy-go-lucky too. The oral surgeon took Killian's molar out. He extracted a half inch bulb of necrotic tumor tissue with the molar too. Prior to removing the molar, he had to pull the top of the tooth out from where it had embedded in his tongue. Killian yelped a bit at this, and I'm sure I reacted to his pain. The surgeon asked me to leave when he did the procedure. I did not resist. Killian was visibly shaking when the dental doc was done. Though he was on Novacaine and not in pain, it was a fairly traumatic event. And though he was blanched, pulsating and shaky, he kept saying, "I feel so good that it's out." Bleeding was minimal.

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