Thursday, August 6, 2009

"Let the Children Boogie!"

We got up early this morning--by that I mean early for people who don't sleep much throughout the night, but not school-in-session-early. Killian was psyched about going on the Don Imus Show. He'd heard that Mr. Imus was going to have kids dealing with cancer in his studio and knew that Imus, himself, is dealing with cancer. He just wanted to ask them if any of them had had acupuncture. In anticipation that few had, he wanted to just say "don't be afraid of the needles--it helps." Those couple of sentences were hard for him. He's got no air, the tumor in his mouth obstructs speech, and he can't hear out of his left ear because of the tumor there. But he had metered that question and that statement and figured out he could say that much. What he does to speak is to press with two fingers on the tumor near the ear, he can hear and speak a little better. But, just as he was preparing to go on, he realized if he did that, he wouldn't be able to hold the phone (as he can't lift his other arm at all now). This realization hit him about 15 minutes before the show. He spent about 30 seconds being really upset, then shifted into making sure mom and dad were prepared to represent.

Phil and I got in most of what he and Cat wanted us to cover. Honestly, Imus was great and covered what we didn't. As instructed, I asked the kids in his studio and Mr. Imus if they'd ever had acupuncture. A couple had, and Imus said he had but that he "didn't really feel anything." I suppressed the smart ass in me that wanted to ask if he'd ever had sensitivity issues, and made Killian's point. I'd really like to meet Deirdre Imus. I like the work she's doing through her Environmental Center for Pediatric Oncology.

Response from Imus has already been huge. Thank you Mr. Imus. Somewhere Else is climbing up the Amazon list, and with that comes increased visibility. We've launched our "velocity campaign" (I think Cat made this phrase up, but I like it). We're hoping everyone will buy through Amazon TODAY. Go here, BUY NOW, "let the children boogie!"


Anonymous said...

great job today guys!! I can't wait to get my copy. I recommended it to all my friends too!!

Anonymous said...

I got my copy of the album today on iTunes and it sounds great. Enjoyed hearing the Imus show today and you all did great and congratulations to Killian on his success. My heart and prayers go out to everyone and keep up the good work.


John Bonitz said...

This is good to hear! I posted it to my Facebook and lots of friends are sharing with their friends! Hugs to everyone.

Diane said...

Hey there, Babs! (Ordered on Amazon - didn't realize ITunes was set up so I will do that, too.) I think about Killian every day and you are all in my prayers, every day. And you will become a prayer focus when I go back to seminary in September. I tell you this because I think it helps to know that people are keeping watch. I get embarrassed when someone from a far away place and sect, whom I don't know, tells me that they will pray for Brian. (And I'm going to be a priest.) Yet, still, I am comforted. We have met only a few times, but Killian touched Brian and me with his humor, his energy, and his generosity of spirit.
Brian (who is so swollen he could stand in for Woodsduck at this point) has a blog up now - - which I don't tell you to publicize but because it has been good for him to be able to get out in this way. Most of the time he can see out of only one eye; sometimes not at all. Your blog has been an inspiration to him - and your words ring so (so, so, so) true to me - as they must to every caregiver. We are in brooklyn - I am a seminarian at General Theological Seminary (Episcopalian) and you can email me at or call us at 718-852-1881 if there is anything you think we can make easier for you. Otherwise, we will pray and spread the word.